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About Lucille

Who am I?

Why teaching Yoga?

My trainings


My story, my Dharma

An open heart filled with compassion is the most beautiful form of strength and tranquility.

Yoga is a way for me to return to the very essence of life: conscious presence in the given moment, the sacred moment. I practice daily with devotion a physical practice, breathing techniques and meditation in order to access a deep knowledge of my person in order to be the best version of myself,  to live the most luminous life possible and to transmit this experience as well as possible.

I teach and practice traditional Yoga based on the alignment of the body in physical postures and on breathing exercises in order to bring stability, strength, flexibility and relaxation for the body and the mind in complete safety and respecting fully body anatomy.

Formerly an international lawyer specializing in the protection of asylum seekers and refugees, I had a very intense pace of life from the start of my legal career, I traveled from big city to big city, my work was fascinating but very demanding. in time and energy. Often I felt the lack of connection with nature, with myself and my love for the ocean was not fulfilled.

Above all, it was more and more difficult for me to find this space in which I could collect myself in order to recharge my batteries in order to be the best version of myself in order, then, to better serve the interests of others.

The lack being too great, I decided to settle where my heart wanted it and to serve a different interest by teaching Yoga in order to, I hope, allow each person to find their path, to follow his intuition, and to develop a general well-being and self-confidence necessary to help and distribute this positive energy to others.

My diplomas

  • 200H Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga training taught by Johnny Nasello, Ananda Yoga and Detox center

  • 35H Pre/Post natal Yoga and ABC of the perineum training - Institut de Gasquet (14H), Paris

  • 50H Meditation & Pranayama Training - Creature Yoga, Byron-Bay

  • 30H Yin Yoga & Anatomy Training - Sattva Yoga, Toulouse

  • Training 50H- Traditional Hatha-Tantra, The practice, Bali

  • 50H training - Yoga for children, KidsYogaBali

  • 14H training- The foundations of Ayurveda with  Lucie Joao

  • Marmatherapy training - with Lucie Joao

  • 50H training- Yin shamanic yoga- Stress management with restorative yoga- With Romulo Pelliza

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