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Presentation of the courses

“When through the discipline of Yoga, mind and body work together harmoniously, one can find calm and peace of mind at all times. »

The Bhagavad Gita

Yoga is an ancient and universal science open to all, at any age and physical condition. Yoga is a broad discipline, starting from our most superficial physical layer, we practice the sequence of asanas (physical postures) in order to stabilize our body and stimulate certain particular energy points. Then, the adapted breathing techniques lead us to a deeper relationship with our person by preparing us for meditation, the ultimate goal of any Yoga practice.

The practice of Yoga helps us to understand our behavior, our tendencies and to choose who we want to be. Our sense of intuition, our creativity and benevolence are developed with this practice, which allows personal fulfillment and an improvement in daily life.

I teach traditional Yoga based on energy circulation, harmonization and internal balance. Whether through fast or slow movement or through sounds, my role is to bring you to this space of calm and stability that is housed in each of us. Then you will experience your full potential, without limits, without barriers.

All practice is open and accessible to everyone, regardless of knowledge, age or body.


The movement and rhythmic sequence of asanas (postures) with your breath allows energy circulation and a present feeling of body and mind. Harmony, full health, alleviation of anxiety, strength and flexibility are also the immediate effects of this practice.

I will guide you through the postures by voice but also with different sounds: shamanic drumming, crystal bowls, chimes, shruti box and mantra chanting. Why? Because the sounds we perceive have a frequency that impacts our frequency, our vibratory rate and accompany postures for energy circulation.  They allow us to let go of body and mind , soothe anxiety, strengthen the immune system and allow hormonal balancing.


Your life goes by at an incredible speed? Do you feel unable to let go of your daily life? Is stress an integral part of your days? Has your body lost flexibility and space?


Back to balance. Let's learn to slow down by starting on our mat through the practice of asanas (postures) held longer, soft, slow, respectful sequences. Let's rebalance the balance of our dynamism and daily active movements.

Let's learn to be still, without superfluous movement, in silence. Let's learn to feel while refusing the pain.


Mentally, Yin Yoga, unlike its Yang, invites us to reconnect with our lunar sweetness, to cultivate freshness, fluidity, rest, to value doing "less", and letting go, if only for the time of a practice or a breath.

Physically, Yin Yoga allows us to regain fluidity, flexibility and strength in our connective tissues: our joints, ligaments, tendons and fascias. The duration, the immobility and the sensations of the postures are the most suitable means to restore health to these “yin” tissues and therefore to restore our full mobility.

Energetically, each posture will have a rebalancing and circulatory impact on the energy channels of your being (called "meridians" in traditional Chinese medicine), and the organs and emotions connected to the meridians.


Your course will end with the transformative and profound practice of Yoga Nidra, the benefits of which are numerous: reconnect to what is, reduce stress and anxiety, regenerate cells, calm the sympathetic nervous system, improve concentration...

In the words of Swami Satyananda, Yoga Nidra is “a state in which you are neither asleep nor awake. If you fall asleep, it's not Yoga Nidra. If you stay awake, that's not Yoga Nidra either. If the dreams are beyond you, it's not Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a state in which there is an awareness of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious fields of your mind all at once. It's perfect therapy. It removes all psychological abnormalities and sanskaras, and helps you become your normal, natural self. »


Tantra Yoga can be translated  "the expansion of our energy". Tantra is a science that aims for the simultaneous harmony of our physical, mental and energetic being. Through a precise methodology, I will guide you to help you circulate your prana (energy) in different "winds" (vayus) of your body. The benefits are as simple as that: access to one's full potential and full health. Alternatively, presence and calm  settle in, stress and anxiety decrease, the body becomes more flexible and stronger.

The practice is composed of physical postures which are held between 3 and 5 breaths respecting the alignment of the body and the energy impact of the latter, pranayama (breathing) techniques and meditation.



Prenatal yoga according to the Gasquet method helps relieve stress and pregnancy-related ailments (back pain, poor blood circulation, nausea, reflux, constipation, sleep),  learn to breathe more healthily to channel his energy and connect to his baby, find a self-enlargement of the body in order to create space, healthily solicit his perineum

Course open to all from the 1st month of pregnancy until term.

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