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Accompaniment to the personalized Yoga routine

Yoga is originally transmitted from master to student, because Yoga, although universal, is all the more powerful when it is adapted to your person who is absolutely unique.



What is a Personalized Yoga Routine Accompaniment?

It is a session in which we will develop a daily, individual, personal, sustainable, effective and enjoyable Yoga routine for you. The goal is to create aSarvanga Sadhana, a complete daily practice (by complete I mean: the asanas (postures), Pranayama adapted for you (breathing techniques) and a Meditation).

This practice can be established for a beginner or an experienced Yogi, it doesn't matter. Your only motivation is necessary.


Because Yoga, although universal, is above all individual. We are all different, we all have a different Ayurvedic constitution, and so our practices are different. And this support is there to help you find your person, your practice. The goal is to practice in order to reconnect with our very essence, who we are, calm our harmful tendencies and live the best possible life.

When we practice every day for at least 40 days without a break, we create neurological connections that allow us to have immediate access to the physical and energetic benefits of our practice.

How is this going?

Upstream, when you contact me for personal support, I send you a short questionnaire to fill out online to get to know you better and to know your specific physical, mental and emotional needs. You can then freely tell me about your motivation to create a routine, the time you have to devote to your daily practice, your needs & desires.

In addition, in order to have the most complete yogic routine, I invite you to consult an Ayurvedic therapist beforehand who will be able to very precisely assess your possible doshic imbalances and let me know. If this speaks to you, that you don't have a therapist and have never had an Ayurvedic check-up, now is the perfect time! I strongly advise you to consult Lucie Joao, Ayurvedic therapist in the Basque Country (and who also does remote consultations by videoconference). I am used to working with her, I particularly appreciate her professionalism and her knowledge. She can then share with me the report of your session (tell her to send it to me). You can access their website justhere. Note that it is also possible to do a doshic test online (here) but which will be much less developed and reliable than a consultation with a therapist.

With all this information, I then create a suitable practice for you. If you need additional information, I will take the liberty of contacting you by phone.
We agree on an appointment. You can come to my place in Orx, I have a nice Yoga studio. I can come to your home (*the price may vary depending on travel time) or we can do the session together by videoconference.

We will spend 1h30 together, doing your practice together. Even if you want a daily practice shorter than that, you'll find the time flies when discussing exciting topics!

I will film the session with you so that you can watch it again if necessary and you will also have a paper support of the practice.


The first implementation of the support: 90€.

If you want a follow-up, in the following months to adapt your practice, modify it, the second session (and the following ones if necessary) are at 60€.

Make an appointment or questions

Feel free to contact me by email:

Or by phone to discuss further: + 337 68 34 33 68

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